Setup Apple TV Without Remote

Apple TV arrives in different models and each of these are known for the unique features and specifications. With the Apple TV 4K model, you can watch the contents in HDR quality. The new Apple TV app features the options to watch latest and entertaining movies, shows and lot more on demand. Wondering how to setup Apple TV without remote? You can check the device setup manual, read and understand the guidelines

Do not worry if you lose your Apple TV Remote, Let us explain how to execute the setup. It’s now possible to setup Apple TV without remote and all you need to do is to download the Apple TV remote app visiting the app store.

How to setup Apple TV without remote?

  • As the first step to setup Apple TV without remote, switch on your Apple TV model
  • Moreover, for all brand new devices, initial and guided setup steps are must to be done
  • This include connecting the necessary cables, setting the language and display, activating the Internet connection
  • Lastly, connect your device to the router using an Ethernet cable
  • Once if the above step is done, carry on with the appropriate internet connection settings

Download Apple TV remote app

  • You can find the compatible apps to use and Apple TV remote app is one among them.
  • Check the Apple TV remote app compatibility before you install

Compatibility of the app

Above all, Apple TV remote app is compatible to use with iOS devices such as iPhone, I pad and iPhone touch

Start using the app

  • To start with make sure that your Apple TV and mobile device is connected to same network
  • Now open the app and select the appropriate settings to add your device using the option, Add Apple TV
  • As you wait ,you will receive a four digit device activation code
  • Note down the code that appears on your Apple TV and enter it on your mobile device
  • The Apple TV app is now connected to your TV
  • The keyboard that appears on Apple TV remote app can be used to control your TV, make your selections, change the volume and much more
  • Personalize the settings using the one Home screen settings

Sometimes you may receive a prompt to sign in with the TV provider to access the channel apps and depends upon your location

setup Apple TV without remote
setup Apple TV without remote

Apple TV setup guide

It’s always good to set up Apple TV with iPhone. When compared with other mobile device platforms, iPhone always stand ahead with the most exciting features and specifications

What are the essential requirements to set up Apple TV with iPhone

The below requirements are must to set up Apple TV

  • A compatible HDMI cable to connect Apple TV to your iOS devices
  • An active and good speed Internet connection
  • Compatible iOS or Android device with the latest operating system version. If not you can update to the latest version

If you are new to Apple TV model and do not know how to start the setup, read the instructions one by one

  • Firstly, A Siri remote is always good to set up Apple TV with iPhone
  • As the preliminary step, switch on both your  Apple TV and iPhone
  • Now start to Pair the Siri remote
  • Ensure that you update the device with the latest software version. Apple TV 4th or 5th generation is often recommended if you are expecting more exciting  features
  • Begin your search to find the option, set up the device
  • And then, make a note of the device activation on authentication code that appears on Apple TV display screen
  • Now proceed with the remaining setup prompts that appear on your device display screen

To avoid errors as you setup Apple TV without remote

  • Firstly, check the compatibility of the Apple TV app
  • Secondly, verify the speed of the network connection that you use
  • Use an active and secure Apple TV account
  • Reset your device and then check if you can get rid of the error messages that popup
  • Also, ensure that the TV provider account that you use is valid

More instructions on Apple TV setup without remote, try reading the instructions available on our webpage.

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