Privacy Policy

Privacy policies, being most important to safeguard the data or information collected from the customers, suggest reading and understanding it. It’s the method that we follow to collect the data or information from the customers

Its all about the data collection methods and  type of information collected from the customers

Want to know what are the documents that we collect?

  • We gather the required data from customers and include the name, email ID and password. The non-private data include the credit card and banking information
  • Not to mention, we also gather the device, error reports and  location data in case if any requirements arise
  • Plan orders and service plans- Essential as you proceed to activate the service and will be collected by our service team

This information is required as you access or activate any of the services that we offer

How do we collect the required documentation from our customers?

The required documents are collected using any of the methods below. We have a team of certified techies who can contact you any time if you require assistance

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Phone calls

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All the data or information will be maintained confidential.This is to inform you that no data or information will be shared to the Third-party associates without the prior consent and approval of the customers. Regulations framed by the concerned authorities will be followed

User responsibility

It’s not only the responsibility of the website authorities, but also the users to be aware of the regulations and use it to safeguard their personal information

Adhere to our Privacy policies

Accept and adhere to the Privacy policies and you will get an idea of our service, regulations. Now start accessing our service if you are an Apple TV user. Suppose if you would like to know more about the Rules and regulations, check out the recent articles and blogs posted on our webpage