How To Create Acorn TV Account and Watch Acorn TV Shows on Apple TV?

Acorn TV – Britain’s Very Own!

Unlike other streaming apps, Acorn TV specializes in everything that is British. You can seamlessly stream world-class content wherever you go. Download the app for your device, and you could end up availing a seven-day free trial.

The app bears several resemblances to the OTT streaming giant Netflix. In this platform, you can find many classics and favorites from nations such as Ireland, Australia, and England. Subscribe for the best plan and access the content to have a memorable experience.

Let’s see what else Acorn TV yearns to offer the users!

Striking Features Of The App

The app’s design is neat and well organized. It gives you immediate access to a marvelous library that consists of shows belonging to various genres, such as mystery, humor, and drama.

Several New series and episodes are included every week, so you’ll never run out of stuff to watch and enjoy.

The platform is free from commercials, and you can view whatever you want for a minimal price. All you need is an account to access the app in any streaming device you like!

How Can You Create The Acorn TV Account?

To create the Acorn TV account, you’ll have to follow the steps below:

  1. Open a new window on the default web browser and surf to
  2. Here you have to provide all the necessary data that includes your name, region, etc
  3. Finally, choose a payment method to process the transactions

After you create an account, log in to the app and watch all the shows you like. You can also change the quality to accommodate your internet speed.

Getting Acorn TV on Apple TV

How to Watch Acorn TV on Apple TV
How to Watch Acorn TV on Apple TV

Acorn TV is present in the fourth-generation Apple TVs. If you wish to add the Acorn TV on Apple TV, here are the instructions you need to take note of:

  1. In the App Store, find the Acorn TV app by typing its name on the search box
  2. Also, choose the app to add it for your Apple TV account
  3. If you have an identity on Acorn TV, you can use the e-mail address and password
  4. At times, you might be the new guy, and you have to avail a membership on the iTunes platform
  5. In case if you had signed up on iTunes already, employ the option named “Restore purchase to Sign in.”
  6. It can be found on the app’s home screen

Thus there is the answer to your query on how to watch Acorn TV on Apple TV.

Accessing the Apple TV account by using the PC

  1. Initially, start the iTunes on your MAC or the computer
  2. From the platform menu, you have to sign in
  3. Go to Store and under that, choose to view my account
  4. Again enter the Apple TV account credentials
  5. Select the View account option
  6. Swipe down to the settings pane and then choose to manage
  7. You can even power off the Auto-renewal feature on the Acorn TV subscription
  8. Finally, confirm the choice that you had just stated

Methods to manage my Acorn TV account

To maintain or manage the Acorn TV account data, please do the necessary:

  1. In the beginning, sign into the Acorn TV website on a computer or mobile browser
  2. On the webpage’s top right corner, choose My Acorn TV
  3. Now you have to choose Manage account in the dropdown menu

Never resort to any third party entities to manage the account, and you’ll inevitably end up in a dilemma.

How many Countries Allow Streaming the Acorn TV App?

Despite several restrictions, Acorn TV is present in the following nations:

  1. Canada
  2. American Samoa
  3. Puerto Rico
  4. US Military zones
  5. Virgin Islands
  6. Guam
  7. New Zealand
  8. Australia
  9. Peru
  10. Colombia

Acorn TV shows

Remember the saying that goes like, “You always end up with the best of everything,” These shows are simply fabulous.

  1. Doc Martin
  2. Striking Out
  3. Queens of Mystery
  4. The Good Karma Hospital
  5. Mystery Road: The series
  6. Agatha Raisin
  7. Keeping Hunt
  8. My Life is Murder


Acorn TV is a perfect app, but you might still be prone to several issues while using it. If the videos are not playing, kindly follow the guidelines below:

  1. Sign out of the app and login again to make a confirmation that you are an Acorn TV user
  2. Always try to delete all the cookies and cache files
  3. Try a different browser to access the content
  4. Restart your device and see what’s happening

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