The Simple Steps to Connect Apple TV To Samsung Smart TV

Apple TV

  • Apple TV is the streaming player via which you can stream the videos, hear music, play games and also you can install the channel app and stream your favorite channels on the Apple TV.
  • On the Apple TV, you can get the Siri remote via which you can control the Apple TV.
  • You can also even cast the content from the Apple devices to the Apple TV.

Features of the Siri Remote

  • On the Siri remote, you can swipe to the directions while processing the setup via the touch surface
  • If you wish to highlight something on TV, you can press the touch surface on the Siri remote
  • You can also get a sound while using the touch surface

Needed Credentials To Process The Apple TV Setup With The Samsung Smart TV

  • Samsung smart TV with high definition or 4k TV with HDMI
  • HDMI cable
  • Wireless network connection
  • Apple id to purchase the apps and channels from the Apple app store

Credentials For The Network Connection

Wired network

  • Ethernet cable
  • Router

Wireless network

  • SSID name
  • The password to the router

How To Connect Apple TV To Samsung Smart TV?

How to Connect Apple TV to Samsung Smart TV
How to Connect Apple TV to Samsung Smart TV
  • First, you need to connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Apple TV
  • Next, you need to hook up the other end of the HDMI cable to the Samsung smart TV
  • After that connect the Apple TV to the power outlet via the power cord
  • Turn on the Samsung smart TV and then choose the HDMI input correctly to which you have connected the Apple TV
  • If your TV automatically detects the HDMI input, then you can process to the other steps to set up the Apple TV.

Wireless Settings On The Apple TV

  • Open the Settings app on the Apple TV
  • Choose the network option from the list
  • And then you need to pick the WI-FI option from the available list
  • Allow the device to find the available network
  • Once you get the SSID name highlight it and then provide the password to connect the network to the Apple TV

Activate The Sign-On Option On The Apple TV

The sign-in option is mandatory to launch the channels on Apple TV. For this sign in you need to have the TV provider login credentials only after this you will able to get the channels

  • Turn on the Apple TV
  • Navigate to the settings on the Apple TV
  • Choose the users and accounts option
  • Now you need to select the TV providers option
  • From that TV providers option, you need to choose the TV provider name from the list
  • After choosing the TV provider from the list, you need to provide the user name and the password of the TV provider
  • And tap on the activate option
  • I suppose you wish to deactivate the sign-on option you can choose the sign-out option after you sign in

The Reason To Have Apple TV Id

The Apple id is mandatory to process the function on the Apple TV. Even if you wish to buy the movies, subscribe to the channels, and watch the TV shows, you need your Apple id. This connects your devices and manages the functions on the Apple TV.

Steps To Create The Apple TV User-Id

  • Open the Apple id page on the mobile device or the computer
  • Then tap on the create your Apple id option
  • Now a new screen will get open
  • On the screen, you need to provide the credentials to create a new Apple id
  • On the first box, you need to provide your first name and next your last name
  • Then you need to choose your country from the available list
  • And provide your date of birth, and then you will receive your Apple id name on the screen
  • Next, you need to enter the password and confirm the password
  • You need to provide a strong and secure password
  • Then enter the phone number to the particular box
  • After this, you need to choose the text message or phone call option to verify your mobile number
  • Next, you need to provide the code appears on the box
  • After this tap on the continue option
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and complete the Apple id setup steps

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