Apple TV 101: Features and models

How does Apple TV work?

There are lots of choices for consumers in the selection of Streaming devices. There are some devices more popular than others. One is the revolutionary Apple TV. It was launched in the year 2006 and is now serving as an entertainment hub. This TV has now over taken the market. Here are some of the new things you can find on Apple TV. Also, know the answer to the question How does Apple TV work?

Apple TV is a set-top media site for the home TV. It allows you to stream music, videos and other types of entertainment content. The old school way of watching a movie with the DVD is now over because Apple TV streaming services will give you the opportunity to watch movies with ease.

There are millions of hours of content starting at $149. There are three models available right now and the basic Apple TV offers standard 1080 HD pictures. It is an easy way to watch movies now because of its easy user interface and design.

The Apple TV similar to most of the streaming services today requires a network connection to work. The device will be set up with a connection to the TV through the HDMI port. If you power on the Apple TV the system will show you through all the process of setup. You have to key in your Apple ID the similar one you use for iPhone and iPad if you use one. This will connect the device to the Apple account. If you are not having one you must create one.

Features offered by Apple TV

If you have set it up account then you have to visit the Apple TV store to choose the favorite streaming services. There are many services in the store such as the

  • Firstly, Apple users can access iTunes on the service like music, Tv shows, and movies.
  • Most of the channels will require you to get a subscription to gain it.
  • If you want a live TV streaming option the Apple TV will offer it for you. It will back many leading streaming TV services such as HULU with Live TV, PSVue, Fubo TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc
  • You will be able to get Apple TV for free with the DirecTV Now if you sign up for it.
  • This offer begins at $35 month
  • It comes with Siri voice controls
  • It will enable the act of navigating content by clicking the microphone button
  • Will be able to get recommendations from Apple TV
  • It contains the game system powered by A10X Fusion chip
  • The broad catalog that begins from Raymon to Sonic
  • Lastly, there is an Apple TV app facility for you to watch. It will show iTunes and your library and the subscription channels.
How does Apple TV work?
How does Apple TV work?

Apple TV 4K

This  Apple TV 4k are the newest Apple TV models that gives you opportunity to watch movies and shows in excellent 4K HDR. It can now offer immersive sound with Dolby Atmos. You will be able to stream your most preferred channels. This also offers the Siri program so you will be able to control it with one voice. Moreover, there are apps such as NBA and MLB for sports lovers.

  • Apple TV 4TH Generation

With the Apple TV 4TH Generation HD digital media streamer, you have all types of entertainment such as games, TV shows, and movies. This tiny set-top box connects with High-definition TV to the internet. It allows you to use iTunes and watch channels like ESPN, Netflix, and HULU. The Apple Tv comes with 32 GB storage built-in. You will be able to download music, Movies, and Television. It also has a remote for you to control extraordinary features on the TV.

  • Apple TV 5th generation

It is visually the same as the first model but the difference between the two series can be seen in the visible cutouts. It allows a flow of air to get to the updated processor chip. The Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 5th Generation is shown in two storage offers. The model 32GB is priced at $179 at the same time when it is released. The 64GB is of the price of $199. They offer advanced additional apps and features which were previously not available. Graphics offer strong picture and sound is clearer than ever.

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